Our services.

It starts with a phone call. Or an email – we’re not too fussy.

Get in touch as soon as you’re able. Once our pitch is approved, we aim to get most of our 3D projects done within 12 weeks. For 2D production, we’re even faster. For general design services, you’d better not blink – a logo takes us about a week.

As for cost, it varies.

idNerd aims to make your bottom line look good, so we always ask our clients upfront what their approximate target budget is in the first meeting, and we pitch accordingly.

In terms of graphics related work, a video game cinematic will of course, cost far more than a low-budget advertisement.

Where as for a gaming related software solutions, custom build software solutions will always be far more expensive then a solutions based on existing frameworks.

We can give you approximate figures for various types of works.

We do not aim to be the lowest cost provider by lowering the quality of our work.

This is simply not one of our core values.

However, we can assure you 15-20% savings if you compare us with overseas studios in Australia, North America and Europe.

Our base in South East Asia allows us to be competitively priced, and we can meet you anywhere in the Asia Pacific! We want you to feel comfortable and secure knowing that there’s a face to the name, and that we’re focusing our attention on you!

So why not give the nerds a buzz?

Find out how we can animate your world today.

We specialise in the following services:

  • 3D Animation Production
    A full production service: Concept, Storyboard, Production, Sound, Voice Over, Post-Production, Final Delivery.
  • Video Production & Post Production
    From Filming, Directing, all the way to Lighting & Color Correction, Editing, Special Effects, and Motion Graphics.
  • Casino Games Design / Software Development
    From our innovative X-Stadium product (www.x-stadium.com), to our up coming table games innovation. Our studio has a dedicated team of specialist working on various in-house, as well as custom Casino Product Development.
  • Architectural & Interior Design Rendering
    Building Interior / Exterior Rendering, as well as Fly Through Animation for Architect and Interior Design Firm.
  • General Design Services
    Games Art Design, Games & Application UI Design, Mascot/Character Design, Logo & Brand Design, Marketing Concepts (with our specialist consultants).
  • Custom Design Solutions
    From Mobile Apps, Games, Product Giveaway (Keychain, Phone Cover / Case, etc), or something as remote as Custom Furniture to Casino Layout Design